New Ventures Into Studio Photography

For my first post on here, I figured I may as well delve right into it. I want to talk about my experience over the X-mas holidays from Uni with sort of setting up a studio. I say sort of because it’s not really mine; I don’t own it in any way, I just use the space and run it occasionally.

It began when a model I have worked with, Kitty Quinzell, previously introduced me to a tattoo artist named Troy Slater and was telling me how the company that he works for were looking for a photographer to take some interesting studio images of Tattoos. So I offered myself up for the job, he looked at my online portfolio ( and said he would talk to his boss.

We arranged a meeting and met the following week. The boss was evidently not keen on my portfolio. He didn’t vocalise that, but there was a lot of uhmming and ahhing at my pictures. I think that was because they were after something more studio based when the majority of my images are location based. This was an error on my part, I just didn’t think to adapt my portfolio for their needs, even though I knew what they were after. Thats something that I need to re-consider when going into interviews. I remember being on Job Seekers for a short amount of time and attending CV building workshop where they stressed changing your CV for different jobs. This is advice I have always followed but somehow had not considered this as transferrable advice, which I now know it is.

The meeting ended in a positive though, as the company, Immortal Arts, said that there was another photographer who was in the same situation as me, who wanted to shoot with them but also needed development. I suggested that I meet the other photographer and we work together in their building.  Which we did, me and the other photographer Rabb McArthur, met and had a very long lunch where we discussed our work, setting up a business together and the tattoo company. The following day we went to the tattoo studio’s spare rooms and set up a studio space together. Rabb supplied the backdrops, table, chairs and props, and I supplied the lights (which I had just bought myself the week before), the laptop and computer for editing and we both brought in our camera’s and lenses (luckily we both shoot Nikon!)

10926223_768112809945474_1146588906482280393_n          10931478_768112769945478_7928985954771066854_n        10447056_768112843278804_2791081252034864883_n

After we had set it up and figured out a basic ‘go-to’ lighting set up, the next day we went back to the studio and started working there. The tattoo company would suggest us clients and they would pay us for a 10-15 minute photoshoot, and 1 digital image. We had 10 clients on our first day, which kept us both busy. Some of  the photo’s are now up on the Tattoo Studio’s website. I did most of the shooting and editing, and Rabb was the one who spoke to clients and got them to buy images. It was a system that worked very well for us and played to each of our strengths.

Now we have come to an arrangement that every week we go and shoot at the tattoo studio together, usually on a Saturday. It’s a great little system we have going and I hope eventually it could grow into a proper business upon graduating.

Thanks for reading!


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