Final Major Project – The Build

For my final major project I have decided to combine my love of still life and fashion photography and work to build a set in order to photograph it as a made up object and as a backdrop for a bigger story. The set I am building is so titled, ‘World of Wool’ as a working title. It will be a set made out of wool in the style of photographers like Sandy Skoglund. It was originally inspired by hitchhikers guide to the galaxy when they accidentally travel to another dimension and the entire world changes into woollen objects. Specifically, the scene will be a room with ordinary objects just made out of wool, such as a miniature table, chairs, and other props.

This however is proving to be a challenging concept. Firstly, there is the design of the set itself. How will it work? How big will it be? What materials will the backgrounds be made of in order for the woollen materials to attach to it? I have arranged for the studio’s at Uni to allow me 2 days in order to build and shoot it so I don’t have to de and re assemble it the next day, so this allows me to measure my space and come up with a size accurate measurement of that space I can play with.  I know that at the moment it has to be big enough to fit 2 models comfortably into the scene as I want to shoot a fashion story within it with a female and male model. As it stands with current measurements the scene will be approximately 10ft long and 12ft high. I am only building 3 walls of the set in order to get a clear picture of the whole set and enable me to shoot the scenes at different angles and will also be covering the floor with the materials. This brings with itself it’s own challenges.

For the walls, I have decided to use the polystyrene boards that would be normally used as a reflector. We already have them in the studio and this provides an easy way to apply the knitted surface and movable walls. They are being held up by small MDF boards built to fit them which makes the walls stand up straight and slot together. It also allows me to re-arrange the positioning of the knit background quite easily. For the floor I have noticed that when the wool is on the floor, it’s going to slide around so I have spoken to the group at Woodwork and they have gave me a huge sheet of wood that I’ll be able to bring into my set and use as flooring and then I can staple the wool to the wood to stop it from sliding and is better health and safety for the two models.

Thats as far as I have gotten in order to build the set, next time I’ll talk more about the concept and my research behind my World of Wool. Here are some images of a test-shoot I did putting the whole thing together. Enjoy!



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