Final Major Project – Behind The Yarn

The World Of Wool is my work for my Final Major Project (FMP) and although I did a post here about what I was creating I didn’t explain too much about the research and conceptual idea behind it. So here’s a bit of information about the concept and idea.

This project is a highly stylised one which aims to comment on the traditional roles of women in the home, mental health and will also briefly looking into knitting and crochet as a form of escapism from everyday lives. Within this world, I will create a World of Wool. It is literally as it says, to create an environment or space that appears to be made from only woollen materials. The aim of this is to allow a fantasy world to become a space of peace and even contain magical qualities within it, but will also aim to show how fears and worries of the everyday life can seep into our fantasies and invade the positive thoughts we create for ourselves. 

They will be things and objects which represent peace, contentment, distraction yet will offer hints of a darker exterior outside of this woollen sanctuary. The colours will be bright and colourful to show how creativity can be an important part of having a healthy mind. Yet again, it will also show hints of a darker realm using darker threads to create the idea of tension and contrast between the colours which will represent depression, mental health issues, oppressive issues that exist in the bleakness of reality.

Studies have been done to test the effectiveness of various attributes to knitting. In the completed study of The Benefits of Knitting for Personal and Social Wellbeing in Adulthood: Findings from an International Survey in 2013 it was found that as much as 54% of people with depression who attended a knitting workshop regularly felt marginally happier. 45% of people with depression felt they had felt much happier with the aid of knitting and only 1% of the survey felt the same. With statistics like this it is hard to deny that knitting has a positive affect on peoples lives and this is something which I really wanted to convey in my photography project.

Thats all I’m going to say about it for now as I have a lot of knitting to get to!
Thanks for reading!


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