Sketches: A Collaboration

Recently I have finished a short project done with other creative Eleanor Boot. She is a student at the university studying Musical Theatre and Music. For her FMP she has created her own EP (small album) and I’ve been working along side her to bring her album to life. She approached me last December when we came up with an idea and shot the initial images for it.

Now that it’s time for her project to be completed, I helped her finish off the design and with her direction we created a CD cover, back of the cover and disk design. It was important to Eleanor that we stay true to who she is and that we sell her as her own brand so her face was the cover of the album with some colour and sketch filters applied to it to make it fit in with the name of the main song and album name, Sketches. It is important that we really took her ideas for the project and my ideas for the project and made something that we were both really happy with as in the end, it is the client who has the most important opinion but if we could both get something for our portfolios out of it then that was even better. Eleanor didn’t have too much direction in where she wanted it to go, but when it got to a place that she loved or hated, she was vocal and made sure that we worked out all the kinks and ended up being something we both really love.

Here’s an image of us working together on her album cover.

IMG_0443 IMG_0446

You can check out Eleanor’s music on her Soundcloud account here or check our her personal website here. 

Thanks for reading!



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