Final Exhibition Roles and Social Media

As a class, we’ve been preparing for our final exhibition since October last year. That may seem like too far in advance, but without that time to figure it everybody’s roles are and making lists of things to consider, we wouldn’t be as well prepared as we are now. Our exhibition is called ‘Iris’ referring to the inside of the eye, and is another way for us to say different ways of looking, in that each of our work can be seen in different ways and of course that our photography is subjective.

When deciding roles I put myself in the social media group which consists of myself and Kat Westhead. Together we each contribute a different perspective and area of social media that can attract different audiences, which is better for engagement and statistics. I put myself in this group because ever since 2013 when I was a Social Media Intern at Liverpool International Photography Festival I’ve had a lot of interest in social media and public engagement because I have physically seen the difference it can make to publics opinion and advertisers.  I love the idea of being fully engaged with your audience and allowing an amount of relatability to your professionalism is a lovely ideal.

Kat has been primarily working on Twitter whilst I have been working on Facebook. Through this arrangement she has gathered 41 followers among them are industry professionals such as the Open Eye Gallery and I have gathered 414 page likes which primarily consists of the general public. Through both social medias we are aiming our exhibition at working professionals and engaging the public and we target our writing style and posts to people in those markets, therefore gathering a diverse audience to our exhibition.

I’ve been running my own Facebook page for my photography since early-2013 and have such gathered a small following,  but it is growing with the more clients I work with and the more shoots I do. Such is the same for the exhibition page. The more we post, the more people see our content and I have learned that we need to post at least twice a day to keep our audience engaged and seeing our posts because of Facebook’s advertising policy. Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with posting regularly but because I have made everybody in the class an Admin to the page it means that we can all post and keep it up to date with what we’re doing real-time.

As far as content goes on Facebook it’s generally been keeping the public up to date with the progress of Iris. We’ve been posting fundraiser information, meeting progression, behind the scenes pictures and videos we’ve been making from our FMP’s. But we’ve also been posting links and pictures that relate to photography in a funny way or something that could spark discussion.

It’s been going really well so far and I believe it will continue to grow into a bigger following which will be the basis for a very successful final exhibition.
Please check out our social media links here:


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