Final Major Project – Booking Models

The vision for my FMP will be shot with a female and male model; together and separate. Usually before I shoot big projects with models, I like to know how they perform. This not only allows me to get to know the models movements and how well they pose and take direction, but also allows time for a level of familiarity to settle in between us. As Tim Walker, a fashion photographer and idol of mine has said in many interviews, ‘It’s only on the 3rd day of shooting that the model begins to relax’. Now I don’t have the budget to have 3 day long shoots, but after doing a few repeat shoots with models, I know how true this is. The more familiar you are with the model, the better the model performs. So I made sure that the models I have hired for my FMP are suitable for the project.

The female model, Kirsty Elliot is someone who I have shot before last November, on a test shoot in Dumfries. We did a full days shoot so we could learn each others styles and we ended up with some really beautiful pictures. Some of which are on my portfolio here. So with that, I know that she is capable of modelling to the standard I want.

The male model however was a mysterious entity to me. That being because it is not something I have ever done. I have worked with male clients on head-shots and body builder portraits but never in a modelling capacity. With this in mind I wanted someone who was slightly experienced so that if I couldn’t give the direction I wanted to they would be able to help me. So I found a model called Jack Cain that I liked the ‘look’ of and that also thought would look appropriate with Kirsty and we did a 2 hour long test shoot. The set up was nothing complicated, it was more so that we could get to know each other and I could learn his modelling style. I wanted to give the test some direction so we both agreed a fashion shoot would be best; we went with red, white and black clothing to give the shoot some consistency and here’s some pictures from the test.



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