Reading Area – Exhibition Planning

To deviate from previous years’ exhibitions, we decided to have a reading corner at our exhibition. This means that we would all be able to make a book or magazine that we could display and sell at the exhibition. This would offer more options for potential buyers as in a book they could see a varied selection of images should they be interested in a particular person’s work. The idea we had would be to set up a little area for the books to be in and we would have shelving units, sofa’s and a coffee table so it looked a little cosier than the rest of the sparse gallery space. No other year has had this idea and I think that makes us a little bit different and innovative as we’re really thinking of the wider picture.

To set this in motion, we have all started making books for the exhibit and I did a test run of a Zine. You can see it in this picture below. This picture also shows the bookcase that we bought for the exhibit. It was on sale at Impact second hand furnishings for £10 and after showing a picture of it to the rest of the group we agreed to buy it. It was £5 for delivery, so £15 altogether and that came out of our fundraising money as it will benefit the entire class.


Thanks for reading!



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