First Year Crit

As a voluntary exercise I helped participate in a 1st year crit called ‘People and Places’. This is an experience where students put their work up in prints on the wall and explain the work to the class. I believe this is beneficial to every person involved. To the lecturers; it’s a great way of knowing how dedicated a student can be, and also to see how they are progressing and to learn their style. For a student; like I was in first year, it helped me to be able to voice my thoughts on my work and answer questions about the work that I hadn’t even considered before. It gets you to think about your photography. And for 1st years to get advice from 3rd years would be even better because we have been where they are and are able to understand their perspective but also help to offer advice.

Whilst I feel like I couldn’t comment on all of the work because my forte is not for landscape or place but for for people and objects. I was able to give some critique on lighting and directing people. I noticed a lot of students made the same mistakes I did and looked at the subject before first observing the light. That was the majority of my critique, it was just to be ware of the light. If I was in first year that would have been something I would have wanted to know so therefore that is what I kept my suggestions to. That and to never stop shooting. I’ve learnt that you only get better by doing more and more. The more you limit yourself, the more the pictures will be limited too.

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