From Student To Professional

This is all about my process going from student to professional.

When term time finishes I have to consider that I’ll no longer have stable finances so I’ve put a few things in place in order for me to continue doing photography work but also to be able to live independently.

Having set myself up with a part time job doing 20 hours a week it is enough for me to be able to pay my rent and to afford a food allowance afterwards. This also allows me time and money to continue my photographic practice. Yet the job is flexible enough for me to be able to work on my career as a freelance photographer.

I’ve taken the opportunity to visit China as part of a University trip. Experiencing different cultures and environments is so important to visual communication. I want to understand what my work says to people on the other side of the world and also to gain perspective on a larger scale of art and culture. The trip will last 2 weeks in July and we will cover a vast amount of activities. Some of which will include; a visit to Shanghai museums; tour of Changshu (where I will be staying); conversational Chinese; Tai Chi; regular social meeting with Chinese students and visits to local companies. There are a few more things on the schedule and I’m really looking forward to being immersed right into the culture for 2 weeks.

Knowing that Shanghai is one of the most polluted cities in the world and being an environmentally engineered person, it’s going to be an interesting experience to appreciate a culture that I know is having a damaging affect on the environment.

Additionally to that I’ve also been promoting myself as a photographer on social media and through word of mouth and am keen to continue this. So far I have already had meetings with a woman called Nikki Etherington who owns a vintage clothing company called Twisted Magpie about shooting stock images of her products and then in summer to produce an editorial campaign for her company. I’m very lucky to be working with her and hopefully it will grow into a good working relationship. It will also be fantastic publicity for myself and I’m sure I’ll get some great images for my portfolio from it too.

Along side all of this I’m still continuing to shoot head shots which so far has been a fantastic money maker for me and is my most stable photographic work. I’ve got all of my own equipment now and will be able to keep shooting these when I graduate, although I will miss using Uni’s 50mm 1.4 prime lens.

I’ve got a few other big environmental projects in the works too but the hard part is figuring out how to get the work out there!
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