Networking & Making Connections

Making connections whilst in University is vital to our futures. This is the place where we get access to hundreds of brilliant minds and creatives all around us, and I’ve been lucky enough to meet and speak to some wonderful creatives. Though it’s time for me to meet people outside of the world of University put my best foot forward and attempting to network and make connections in the photography, art & fashion industries.

The first instance of this is when just a few weeks ago I attended a networking event at the University which was for Alumni, 3rd year students & local business owners. It was essentially an excuse for people to talk to each other but provided a panel of the above to talk about their tips and advice on networking and their successes.

I went with a friend for encouragement and we paired up and ventured out into the unknown world of socialising. We got to speaking to people such as Derek Eland a very successful local artist who owns his own gallery called Gallery Number Three. Since then Ruth Dale who I partnered with has been arranging with him for our class to visit his gallery space and will hopefully be discussing the possibility of an exhibition. We spoke to a few other people as well such as Gillian & Anna at Carlisle Photography Festival and arranged for them to come in and speak with our year group about exhibiting, which happened the following week. There were a few other people we spoke to, but those are the ones which stood out for me during the event. 

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