Final Major Project – At An End

After months and months of non stop knitting, crochet, models, make up plans, mood boards and set designs I’ve finally completed my project!  I’ve dedicated a lot of my time into this one project rather than doing multiple through the term as I usually would have. This has been a very different way of working, but the outcome of my efforts feels significantly better.

It took about a day and a half to properly build the set. The models were wonderful too despite a slight change of plans the morning of the shoot (when does anything ever go to plan?). I had to find a replacement model and our make up artist Bexy Louise stepped in for me and shot with the male model, Jack. But I had rearranged with the other model to shoot at a later date.

I got some amazing images that I’m very proud of and what I hope will convey the story. I’m probably not going to display any of my final images on here because I want to keep them offline until the exhibition, so that prints at the exhibit really will be limited editions although I will be showing the occasional BTS picture.

Here are some pictures of the set being built in my favourite studio. I’m going to miss working in that studio when I leave. It’s the one place where I’ve always shot at, I practically lived in Studio 2 for 3 years! I’m hoping that my work will be displayed in that room; it would be incredible to have my work up in the space that it was taken in.

format10_1 format10

Thanks for reading!



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