Blurb Vs Bobbooks

As discussed in a previous blog here about our reading corner, I’ve been wanting to make a little book with some of my images in it in order to sell it at the exhibition. On a previous post I spoke about a Blurb Zine that I made, but actually, I was very unhappy with the quality that it came out as. The cover was over-contrasted but generally alright and the inside was grainy despite my high-res images. Since then I’ve been looking for something much better quality. A Blurb trade book was a contender, but having seen the paper quality I was just not 100% happy with it and knew that there would be other options available.

In Birmingham at The Photography Show, there was a large amount of traders there and many were offering discount. I was significantly impressed with the company Bobbooks as their quality was very good for the money (plus I was given a 30% off discount code). Having tried making books from both companies I’m very happy with Bobboobs print quality. It doesn’t feel dainty or scratchable, but rather sturdy and glossy. Their ‘classic-gloss’ paper which was one of the cheaper options for paper made my images look sharp and well contrasted.

I’m definitely going to continue to use Bobbooks, here are some images of the pages. It was only a test print, with a few different images and layouts to see what the quality was like, and now I’m happy to continue to use them to make my book.

DSC_2377 DSC_2380 DSC_2382 DSC_2397


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