Wall Design & Layout

When we show, all 26 of us have to distribute the gallery space evenly giving us all 2.66m of space to work with. Each area of wall comes with it’s own positive and negative attributes such as plugs sockets, window light, radiators and reflections. The question is, which is the wall that will suit my own work the best?

After a trial and error test of putting some of my test prints on various walls around the space, I have come to the conclusion that the centre, left wall in Studio 2 would be an ideal location for my photographs. There are multiple reasons for this for some of the main ones would be about the lighting, glare and viewing space. The paper choice so far has a slight shine on it therefor there has to be a good balance of natural light. The space chosen is not directly opposite any doors or windows, yet still receives a perfect amount of light from either side of the room to be able to see the images easily. The space around it will provide a good distance to view my images from whilst still invites people to come closer to the wall and enjoy them more intimately, which is an important aspect to my patchwork style layout.

To show my vision, this mock layout shows how I will display my images on the same wall I wish to display them on.



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