Portfolios are something that is essential for any creative, especially photographers. So far at University we have had our basic plastic A3 portfolio for our hand-ins which has been fantasic and is extremely durable, but is hardly professional. At our exhibition my intention is to have my work be a symbolic representation of my professioanlism, so I’m evolving my portfolio to match this.

Though there were many options such as a leather plastic sandwich portfolio, box portfolios and photo books I’ve decided to go for a SilverPrint black card folder with changeable inserts and bought 20 shine resistant and clear portfolio sleeves to go with it. This portfolio is in line with my ethical sensibilities with it being recyclable but also was very reasonably priced for what I got. It came to £81 including the inserts which is a great price considering I plan on using it for up to 5 years. Having done research on standard fashion portfolios for photographers it seems that 8×11 is the industry standard so I got my portfolio to fit within these guidelines.

Here’s a few pictures of my new portfolio and me testing some images inside the sleeves.

DSC_2452DSC_2422  DSC_2464

Thanks for reading!



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