Test Printing; Blue Grey’s and Magenta Whites?

Test printing is proving to be a valuable learning tool. I seem to have learned the most valuable lessons about printing when something goes horribly, horribly wrong. It’s also surprising the amount I’m learning about editing and colour balances from it, generally it’s different to how it appears on the screen. There’s just nothing like seeing it as a physical thing you can hold and move around compared to seeing it on a screen and it allows me to see it with fresh eyes.

It’s just at the test printing stage now, where I’m working out how the colours will be best displayed on certain coloured walls. Originally, the intention was to go with white, but as I have some white in my photographs it makes either the colour of the wall look magenta or my print look magenta and it’s a lot of two and fro to get the right balance. Grey is the new favourite option for my prints. There is still the possibility of that colour seeping through, as our technician told us, it is the grey on the wall thats slightly on the magenta side. Though because there is less grey than white in my pictures it will make the whites look whiter without throwing the colour balance off too badly. Theres lot of options to go through but I’m happy with the progress I’ve made over the last week.

Thanks for reading!



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