Test Printing – Matching The Concept With The Prints

For this exhibition my ideas and concepts have all came from an aspiring career in fashion and editorial photography. With this in mind, it has lead to an interesting layout and design idea that will not only work very well for my images but will also have strong links to my future career path.

Creating my layout based on magazines, therefore the pictures will be spread across the wall as if it was a consatina cover that comes out of a magazine in those large editorial spreads. As the work is heavily patch work I’m trying to choose my final images so that they almost knit together to give the illusion of one long panorama rather than a series of seperate I images. Because the work is so based on the background it works on a number of levels allowing me to choose my design and any number of my photographs can slot into place, which is interesting as that’s how my set was built in the first place. The photographs on the wall will also only be printed the same size as a vogue magazine at 8 by 10.9 inches. 

Here’s some of the printing I have been doing when working out how to fit them together. Enjoy! 




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