Selling & Pricing Work

The time has come where we are only a month away from exhibiting and leaving University. At this point, with all this talk about our futures, I need to begin to think about what I’m going to sell my work for and how much it will be. I’m planning on selling books at the exhibition, but prints will be the hardest to price and those have been what I’ve spent the most time on.

After discussions with various lecturers, it’s usually the cost of the print plus around £15. So If i was selling an 8×11 print which cost me only £2 I should sell that for approximately £17 though I’d round it up to £20 for profit.

Recently I have been asked by someone to purchase an A1 copy of one of my pictures. This has cost me £18 to print, therefore I should be charging around £40+ for the print. However, for this particular print I think it could be worth more than that as it is one of my best prices of work, so I am going to charge £45-£50 for the print at A1 size.



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