Viva Preperation

After the terrifying experience of going into my last Viva I realise that it’s not actually too scary but rather what lies beyond. Not being able to have that guidance when you feel lost or having dozens of creatives around you at all times to help fuel inspiration and throw ideas around. So with this one I came prepared & had all the information ready and was well informed about my choices and options for the final exhibition in hope of a successful last viva. Here’s what I brought to the Viva:

Wall – Central left wall, studio 2

No. of Images – 8 Depending approval

Size of Images – 8×10.9 inches each – same as a Vogue magazine

Spacing Between Images – 2-3mm between each image

Materials – White 3mm Foamex with Lustre paper – Woodwork are providing the split batons to attach to wall at £3 per image

When Will Your Prints Be Ready? – Tests have been done, final images will be printed and ready by the end of the week to send to Digilab

File Review – Files are suitable for the size and prints of desired layout

Costing’s – Price per 3mm White Foamex single mounts: £12 Price for 8: £96 – Split batons: £3 per image approx – Lustre paper per image: £2 – Per 8 images: £16 – Plus Price for glue/nails: approx. £7

Total Per Image: £17

Per 8 Images: £136


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